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Our steaks are designed to be shared

Below are some tips to help you cook the perfect steak. 
However, steak is very versatile so feel free to mix it up and be creative!

Rib Eye & Sirloin

Rib eye steaks provide a rich, flavourful taste thanks to the marbling. Sirloins are much leaner cuts of meat with a lower fat content and provide a more mild flavour. 

Argyle Nurture Rib Eye and Sirloin steaks are both packaged with a smaller and larger steak to suit individual appetites. 
Rib eye's and sirloins are both great cuts to be cooked on the BBQ or pan-seared.

We recommend cooking your steaks on medium-high to high heat for between 3 to 5 minutes each size, depending on the size and thickness of the steak, as well as your personal preference. 


Argyle Nurture Rump steaks are packaged with one extra large steak that can be used for a variety of meals.

Rump steaks are great for stir fry's, pan-searing, or being cooked in the oven. 

To stir fry, cut the rump steak against the grain and then cook over high heat for a few minutes with some of your favourite vegetables, seasonings, or sauces. 

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For more tips, try the SteakMate app

Tag us in your meal creations on social media @ArgyleMeats for a chance to be featured

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